Vogan's Biker Pins - Badges of Honor

You wanted a unique way to say "Congratulations" for those memorable moments every biker experiences at one time or another. We have developed our own line of biker Badges of Honor that say what words sometimes can't.

These unique pins are made of die struck iron with colorful soft enamel detail. They are 1 1/8" in diameter with a solid metal pin and military clutch back. Get one or more of these "achievement badges" for yourself or for someone who rides!


Vogan's Motorcyle Badges of Honor

• All Weather Badge • Balls of Steel Badge
• Broke Down Badge • Bugs in your Teeth Badge
• Buns of Steel Badge • Clueless Captain Badge
• Dropped It Badge • Outta Gas Badge
• Roadkill Badge • Skidmarks Badge
• Ticket Badge • Tortoise Rider Badge