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Vogan Gold Silverworks Promotional Video 
July 1, 2015

January 10, 2006

Rege Vogan of Voganís Gold & Silver Works positioned an Olympic skating pin for engraving Monday at his shop in Colorado Springs.

Pins for the six Olympic skating champions.



This week, 18 small pins that replicate the blade of a figure skate are being handcrafted with painstaking precision by the Vogan family of Colorado Springs. Next month, the pins will be in the hands of Olympic figure skating medalists in Turin, Italy, where the XX Olympic Winter Games will be held Feb. 10-26.

ďItís such a thrill. Weíre so proud to be able to do this,Ē said Teri Vogan, coowner with her husband, Rege, of Vogan Gold & Silver Works in the Bon Shopping Center, north of downtown.

This is the first year the Vogansí pins will appear at the Olympics. But itís the fourth year that the local jewelry shop that repairs