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Welcome To Our Home Away From Home!

Welcome back to our Vogan website!  This is the place to learn about metals and gems and how to care for both.  We also have a great store where you can find some of the finest custom pieces by NellMarie Jewelry Innovations as well as a few gorgeous pieces we've created ourselves.  We're also going to be offering an Estate Jewelry section as those pieces from the past will always be highly prized and sought after.

Springtime In The Rockies....Ahhhh....!

Spring cleaning....a time to go through your jewelry box and get a renewed enthusiasm for old projects that might need completing.  In any case, one step at a time, right?  :-)  Bring us your tired and worn jewelry that is needing some TLC.  We do FREE CLEAN AND CHECK EVERY DAY!!  Should we need to do more than that, we can discuss it and let you know your options. 

At Vogan's, things change and yet stay very much the same.  We have the Nell Marie Jewelry Innovations line that is a favorite of all our customers!  A local designer - 3rd generation jeweler who creates beautiful sterling pieces with unique designs and sparkling gemstones.  The look is amazing and the price is right!  You can order online or come in the shop to browse the Nell Marie line in person.

Are you the type of person who loves Estate jewelry?  Older pieces that have been loved over the ages and are now ready for a new home!  We are always on the lookout for those unique one of a kind items.  Vogan's will be adding a few to the line this week! 

Personalization is what we are all about.  Jewelry repaired.  First and foremost, that is our niche! However, we also offer other amazing services as well.  Engraving is one way to create that personal touch while leaving an historical imprint on a gift for someone special.  Come in and talk to us about how we can personalize your treasures! 

Need your watch repaired?  A link removed or added?  Does your crystal need replacing?  Come in and see us for a sprucing up just in time! 

We also are introducing our Digital Decorating Service!  Everyone has those special pictures taken and you're thinking....what do I do with them now?  We can turn those pictures into many cool ideas for that perfect gift!


 Have your rings/jewelry checked every time the seasons change:  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Four times a year can keep stones from coming loose.  We can catch prongs that need retipping before you lose a stone. 

We offer free clean and check while you wait, so see us this year for your jewelry checkup!! We'd love to see you!

                                                          Teri Vogan


The word is out that we are THE jewelers to see for getting the difficult repairs accomplished!  Did you know that we have had other jewelers recommend us to their customers when they are unable to do what is asked?  That type of recommendation is not taken lightly by us.  We appreciate the referral by others.  We don't do much advertising, so most of our business is by referral!

If this is your first time to visit our site, there is one thing you should know and count on about us.  We don't take shortcuts when repairing your jewelry or creating your custom project.  Vogan's is a family business with a reputation for quality and expertise.  We give an estimated time to get your work done, but sometimes in the course of the repair, we find that an essential additional repair needs to be done for the safety of the piece, and we will go ahead and repair that at no extra cost.  Yes, you read that no extra cost.  Our goal is to put a smile on your face and send your jewelry back home with you in tip-top shape!  

Of course, we also do the simple repairs that can be done while you wait! Ask us about our Express Service!

 Here are some of the unique features about us.

**Our work is done ON SITE and IN SIGHT.*   With the exception (*) of casting, stone cutting, and laser welding....those services we do offsite.  Most of it is done within two weeks but custom can take longer in some cases.  We do have an Express Service for those customers needing a fast turnaround.  Please ask for details when you come in.  And yes, we do make exceptions for those romantics that need an engagement ring done "NOW Please!!"  :-)

**Everyone working behind the counter does the actual work for you rather than just acts as a salesperson.  We feel that this is an important feature to our business.  Actually working on the jewelry enables our staff to give you the most quality service possible when determining what repairs need to be done. 

**Besides repairs and custom, we also offer our Bridal Service.  Wanting a unique engagement ring?  Let us know what you're looking for and we'll design you the perfect ring!  Want to use family stones in your new ring?  No problem....we can tailor any mounting to your specific tastes and budget.  We can create that special ring or set of rings from yellow or white gold or platinum, and if you'd rather have an alternative metal; we can make you the perfect ones in sterling. 

**Bridal gifts for that special day?  Oh yes!  We have them!!

 And don't forget that Vogan's has EVERYTHING you need for your bridal party gifts.  Bridesmaid gifts and Groomsmen gifts....just ask us for ideas!  Wanting to find the perfect toasting flutes for that special moment?  We have many to choose from!  Table favors and momentos for your attendees are easy to find - just ask us!  And don't forget about having that bottle of champagne engraved to preserve the moment!!  Yes, we engrave glass!  And with our new Sublimation process, we can make SAVE THE DATE pieces, PERSONALIZED GROOMSMAN AND BRIDESMAIDS' GIFTS too!!  Just tell us what you want!

Need a special gift for a graduate?  Need a unique gift for a new homeowner?  Consider glass engraving or any of our engraveables that can be personalized!

We have many gifts that can be engraved for the graduate, someone with a new job or that special person who is retiring after years of dedicated service.  An engraved desk accessory, a nice bottle of wine engraved with a name or sentimental note, or a beautiful engraved picture frame to fill with a treasured photo.   Remember, we offer a generous discount for schools and non-profit organizations so be sure to call on us to get a quote.

Are you wanting to redesign your mother's rings into something that suits your taste and lifestyle?

At Vogan's, you have options.  If you want to make small changes to an existing ring but aren't sure what is possible, just ask and let us show you the many possibilities.  Should you desire a whole new look but want to retain something of the original piece, allow us to recast it into a new piece of jewelry just perfect for you!  We do casting in gold and silver, and have many waxes for you to choose from to create the new look! Thanks once again for continuing to give us the opportunity to be your family jeweler!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Most sincerely,

Teri and Rege Vogan -

Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Inc.

2224 North Wahsatch Avenue  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

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